Chapter 3. Program operation

Table of Contents

Program overview
Parts of the BibleTime application window
The Bookshelf
The Mag(nifying glass)
The Desk
Searching in works
Searching text in an open read window
Accessing the search dialog
Search configuration
Search results
The Bookshelf Manager
Install works
Update works
Remove works
Exporting and Printing

Program overview

This is what a typical BibleTime session looks like:

The BibleTime application window

You can easily see the different parts of the application. The top left window is used to open installed works in the Bookshelf tab, and with the Bookmarks tab you can manage your bookmarks. The little "Mag" window below the Bookshelf is used to display extra information that is embedded in documents. When you move your mouse over a footnote marker, for example, then the Mag will display the actual content of the footnote. The toolbar gives you quick access to important functions, and the Desk on the right side is where you do your real work.

Let us now proceed by looking at the different parts of the application individually.