Diwar-benn BibleTime
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BibleTime is a Bible study tool with support for different types of texts and languages. Even large amounts of works modules are easy to install and manage. It is built on the SWORD library, which provides the back-end functionality for BibleTime, such as viewing Bible text, searching etc. SWORD is the flagship product of the Crosswire Bible Society.

BibleTime is designed to be used with works encoded in one of the formats supported by the SWORD project. Complete information on the supported document formats can be found in the developers section of the SWORD Project, Crosswire Bible Society.

Over 280 documents in 50 languages are available from the Crosswire Bible Society. These include:


The full Bible text, with optional things like Strong's Numbers, headings and/or footnotes in the text. Bibles are available in many languages, and include not only modern versions, but also ancient texts like the Codex Leningradensis ("WLC", Hebrew), and the Septuagint ("LXX", Greek). This is the most advanced section in the library of the SWORD project.


Books available include "Imitation of Christ", "Enuma Elish", and "Josephus: The Complete Works"


Commentaries available include classics like John Wesley's "Notes on the Bible", Matthew Henry's commentary and Luther's "Commentary on Galatians." With the Personal commentary you can record your own personal notes to sections of the Bible.

Lennadurioù bemdeziek

Many people appreciate these daily portions from God's word. Available works include Daily Light on the Daily Path, and the Losungen.

Geriaouegoù ha geriadurioù

Lexicons available include: Robinson's Morphological Analysis Codes, and the International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia. Dictionaries available include Strong's Hebrew Bible Dictionary, Strong's Greek Bible Dictionary, Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language 1913, Nave's Topical Bible.

There are several other repositories that BibleTime will load and use.

Our desire is to serve God, and to do our part to help others grow in their relationship with Him. We have striven to make this a powerful, quality program, and still make it simple and intuitive to operate. It is our desire that God be praised, as He is the source of all good things.


Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.

 --Jakez 1:17, NASB

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