The structure of the frontend

The frontend contains the classes which interact with the user. For example the display windows, the searchdialog or the other parts.

The display windows which provide functionality are CBibleReadWindow for Bibles, CBookReadWindow for books, CCommentaryReadWindow for commentaries and CLexiconReadWindow for lexicon and dictionaries. CHTMLWriteWindow and CPlainWriteWindows are used for editing the Personal Commentary.

The class CDisplayWindow is the class that various views with in the windows are derived.

Another important part of the frontend are the keychoosers. They provide an interface to choose a key of a module. The interface for different module types is different. The base class is CKeyChooser which is the factory for the derived classes. Use the function CKeyChooser::createInstance to get the correct keychooser implementation for the desired module.

Some major toolbar widgets are CKeyChooser and BtDisplaySettingsButton.