The structure of the backend

The backend implementation for Sword is called CSwordBackend, the classes we use to work with keys are called CSwordVerseKey and CSwordLDKey, both are derived from the class CSwordKey. The CSwordKey derived classes used for Sword do also inherit the classes VerseKey (CSwordVerseKey) and SWKey (CSwordLDKey).

The classes used to handle all module based stuff are derived from CSwordModuleInfo. The module classes are: CSwordModuleInfo (for Sword modules), CSwordBibleModuleInfo (for bibles), CSwordCommentaryModuleInfo (for commentaries) and CSwordLexiconModuleInfo (for lexicons). Have a look at the class documentation of the mentioned classes to learn how the structure of them looks like and which class inherits which other class.

The first objects which should be created in the application is the backend (for Sword the class is called CSwordBackend). Then create all the different module classes for the correct Sword modules. Have a look at BibleTime::initBackend() to see how it's done in BibleTime.@br Later you can work with them for example by using the CSwordKey and CSwordModuleInfo derived class.