Shortcuts index

This is an index of all shortcuts and their corresponding description in the handbook. The shortcuts are sorted (roughly) alphabetical. If you want to directly find out which shortcuts a certain menu item has, you can either look at the entry itself in BibleTime (as it always shows the shortcut), or you can look it in the Main Menu reference.

Alt+Left Moves back in the history of read windows.
Alt+Right Moves forward in the history of read windows.
Ctrl+Alt+F SearchSearch in default bible equivalent; opens the search dialog to search in the default bible.
Ctrl+Alt+G WindowArrangement modeAuto-tile vertically equivalent; toggle automatic window tiling.
Ctrl+Alt+H WindowArrangement modeAuto-tile horizontally equivalent; toggle automatic window tiling.
Ctrl+Alt+I WindowArrangement modeAuto-tile equivalent; toggle automatic window tiling.
Ctrl+Alt+J WindowArrangement modeAuto-cascade equivalent; toggle automatic window cascading.
Ctrl+Alt+M WindowArrangement modeManual mode equivalent; toggle manual window placement.
Ctrl+Alt+T WindowArrangement modeTabbed equivalent; organizes windows with tabs across the top.
Ctrl+Alt+S WindowSave as new session equivalent; saves current layout as new session.
Ctrl+Alt+W WindowClose all equivalent; closes all open windows.
Ctrl+A Select all. This selects all text in read windows.
Ctrl+C Copy. This copies the selected text to the clipboard.
Ctrl+F Search. This lets you search within the text of a read window.
Ctrl+G WindowTile vertically equivalent.
Ctrl+H WindowTile horizontally equivalent.
Ctrl+I WindowTile windows equivalent.
Ctrl+J WindowCascade windows equivalent.
Ctrl+L Change location. Changes focus to the toolbar field for the selected work.
Ctrl+N Search with works of this window.
Ctrl+O SearchSearch in open work(s) equivalent; opens the search dialog to search in all currently opened works.
Ctrl+Q FileQuit equivalent; closes BibleTime.
Ctrl+W Closes the current window.
F1 HelpHandbook equivalent; opens the handbook.
F2 HelpBibleStudy HowTo equivalent; opens the BibleStudy HowTo.
F3 HelpTip of the Day Opens a helpful tip to use BibleTime.
F4 SettingsBookshelf Manager equivalent; opens the Bookshelf Manager.
F8 ViewShow Bookshelf equivalent; toggles display of the Bookshelf.
F9 ViewShow mag equivalent; toggles display of the mag(nifying glass).
Shift+Down ViewAuto scroll down
Shift+Up ViewAuto scroll up
Space ViewAuto scroll pause