Starting BibleTime for the first time

If you are starting BibleTime for the first time, you will want to configure the following options, available under the Settings menu bar.

Bookshelf Manager

Modifies your Bookshelf. This dialog lets you modify your Bookshelf, add or delete works from your system. It will only be shown if no default Bookshelf can be found. Please see The Bookshelf Manager section for further details. If you start off with an empty Bookshelf, it will be helpful to install at least one Bible, Commentary, Lexicon and one Book to get to know BibleTime's basic features quickly. You will be presented with a list of works that are available from the Crosswire Bible Society and other repositories;

Configure BibleTime dialog

Customizes BibleTime.This dialog lets you adapt BibleTime to your needs. Please see the detailed description of this dialog.