Le Gestionnaire de Bibliothèque

Le Gestionnaire de bibliothèque est un outil de gestion de la bibliothèque. Vous pouvez installer de nouveaux ouvrages dans votre bibliothèque et mettre à jour ou retirer un ouvrage déjà présent. ChoisissezParamètresGestionnaire de bibliothèque dans le menu principal.

Installer des ouvrages

With this facility, you can connect to a repository of works (called "library"), and transfer one or more works to your local Bookshelf. These libraries may be local (e.g. a SWORD CD), or remote (e.g. Crosswire's online repository of SWORD modules, or another site offering SWORD modules). BibleTime will automatically maintain a list of remote libraries and the works available from them.

To begin the installation process, select one or more libraries that you want to install works from. Then click on the Next button. Then select one or more languages and click the Next button. You will see a list of categories. Double-click on a category to see works for that category. Select one or more works and then click on the Install Works. After the works are installed, click on the Finish.

Mise à jour des ouvrages

If there are any works that can be updated, they will be shown. Select one or more work and click the Update Works. After the works are updated, click on the Finish.

Supprimer des ouvrages

This facility allows you to delete one or more of the works from your Bookshelf too free up disk space. Simply choose the works` and click on the Remove works button.